Beach Body On Demand

Along with my healthy eating lifestyle my usual fitness routine went down the drain over the past year due to a crazy schedule. I LOVE fitness and miss it so much. It helps me sleep better, keeps me strong, reduces stress, keeps me toned and makes me feel like an athlete even if it’s just in my head. I’m not a fan of crowded stuffy gyms and don’t like the extra time it takes to commute to a gym. My favorite workout is running outdoors. I also enjoy yoga, especially hot yoga and strength training circuit workouts like P90x.

Thankfully I now have the time to start back again and I just signed up for Beach Body on demand so I can stream their workouts on roku. I’ve used this subscription in the past and loved it. The subscription is  $38 every 3 months which is $12 a month. Pretty standard for a monthly streaming subscription and I think it’s totally worth it. You can sign up for a free 30 day trial here.

I’ve decided to work out every day after my morning meditation rotating between jogging, yoga and streaming circuit workouts like P90x. I’ve noticed most people around me are always waiting for something to happen or change before they can begin a workout regime and I’ve also noticed that people with this mind-set never workout or if they do it’s never for long. Something that always worked for me is I never wait until I feel like working out to workout. I completely ignore my thoughts about it and when it’s time to go do it, I just go do it. After the initial mind training hump it becomes a habit and I don’t have to psyche myself into doing it anymore. Unless I literally don’t have the time or I’m sick, there is nothing my mind can tell me that will cause me to postpone or not do it.

I also make sure my workouts are something I personally enjoy; you’ll never catch me in a Pilates or cycle class. Today is Day 1 of my new consistent workout regime and I’ll be blogging my daily workouts going forward.


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